What Does Branding Photography Mean?

Creating a Distinct Image For Your Company with Photography

Branding Photoshoot for a Surgeon

Branding Photography means a photo session that will have a common style or theme that will then become standard and hopefully, recognizable, for your Brand Image.

Branding relates to your aesthetic: the way you would like clients to “see” your business.

Plastic Surgeon Portrait

For example, Doctors may brand themselves many different ways: A surgeon may wear a suit, be serious or approachable and laughing.

Branding Healthcare shoot

An attorney may want to do a photo session interacting with clients in a nice office.

Attorney Branding Photoshoot

Another attorney chose to shoot in an office and keep the background clean, simple and aesthetic

Branding Photoshoot Home Office

Real Estate Agents often do Branding shoots on locations at their listings

Real Estate Agent Branding Photoshoot on Location

Other professionals may choose glamorous portraits

Attorney Portrait in Studio

Perhaps a Black Background and All Black?

Surgeon Photoshoot Black on Black

I have many examples of Branding Photography on my website:

There is no right or wrong in choosing your brand style. ideally choose one that matches with what the client can expect.

If you would like to talk more about Branding Photoshoots please reach out to me anytime!

Brand Photography FAQs:

What is Brand Photography?

Think of it as an image collection for advertising and marketing your business. An image library of sorts that you use for your business

What should a brand photoshoot include?

Several hours of photography that includes Headshots, Portraits, Actions Shots and Environmental Photos of Your Business

How much do Photographers charge for Branding?

Usually a 1/2 day or full day rate.