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  • Doctor Photoshoot Ideas

    Doctor Photoshoot Ideas

    Poses and Branding Ideas for Healthcare Photoshoots For Healthcare and Medical Advertising here are a few ideas. Generally, a photographer will come in and shoot a library of images for usage. Group shots/Action Shots/Interiors & Exteriors & Headshots for LinkedIn, the website, etc. Good white background images are always useful across multiple mediums. The backgrounds…

  • How to Get the Best Photos for Your Real Estate Agent Website

    How to Get the Best Photos for Your Real Estate Agent Website

    Real Estate Agent Headshots and Brand Photos for Your Website. Top Real Estate Agents will often shoot Brand photos several times a year. The best place to shoot is in a satisfied client’s house. If it staged or recently sold it is a great opportunity to take photos. Houses provide excellent locations to take different…

  • Dentist Photoshoot Concepts & Ideas

    Dentist Photoshoot Concepts & Ideas

    Office & Staff Photos for Dentist Websites A brand photoshoot for a Dentist Office can be completed within a few hours. Ideally, it will be shot on location and the office will be used as a background. The photographer will bring lighting. The photographer will shoot headshots and portraits: coats and in suits/scrubs. The headshots…