Solutions for Large Companies That Need Corporate Photography (Irvine California)

The Irvine Photo Studio

Additionally, the studio provides digital background options, giving clients the flexibility to choose a customized setting for their headshots or portraits.

The studio is equipped with high-quality lighting equipment and professional cameras to capture stunning images that will help individuals present a confident and approachable image to potential clients or employers.

Discounted Rate for Multiple People

I offer discounted rate for additional subjects in the same session.

Having multiple people in a session can make it easier for us to manage our time and equipment efficiently. Once the lights and other equipment are set up for the session, it can be easier and faster to photograph multiple subjects in one sitting.

However, it’s important to note that even though the in-person time may be more efficient for me the editing time can still take longer with more subjects. This is because I will have to sort through and edit/retouch more photos, and may need to spend extra time adjusting for different lighting and poses for each person.

Photo Studio Locations

Orange County Locations:

On-Site: Use your office environment as a natural background.
Irvine Photo Studio is available: 18003 Sky Park Circle, Irvine, CA 92614.
A Conference room is also available for photography:  120 Vantis, Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656.

About Wallis Photo LLC

Established in 2008 I have photographed Campaigns, Magazine Covers, Fortune 100/500 advertising, photography campaigns for Hotels & Universities and numerous Catalogs.
I photograph for large clients all over California that include The Irvine Company, USC, BNY Mellon Bank, UBS, Memorial Care Hospital System and Vizio among others.
Available on location Southern California or in Studio ( Orange County studio location: Irvine)
Call me anytime to discuss a photo shoot (large or small; no obligation or pressure)