Professional Headshot Ideas

Studio or Location for Headshots?

Professional headshot in Office

So you need a professional headshot and have decided to not use your iPhone. Your cousin who has a camera is not available and JC Penny’s seems, well, wrong somehow. Before you call a photographer: What are some professional Headshot ideas?

Choose the background in advance.

There are a few options to consider here: studio, office or outdoor location.

Photo Studio Headshot

The great thing about a studio headshot is the setup is ready for you and you walk in and out.

It’s great for white/grey or black standard backgrounds. Also, you may not want a photographer in your home or office?

You also have a level of intimacy/privacy without coworkers watching you try to create expressions!

Opting for an Office Location Has Many Advantages:

Office Headshots

In an office the photographer can bring the lighting and backdrops and set up a studio-style photoshoot. Also, you can take advantage of the natural environment such as conference rooms and large windows.

The other advantage of office shoots is you don’t waste time driving to-and-from a photo studio. Time is money.

Outdoor Location Headshots:

Outdoor headshot session

Location photoshoots are great. To a degree you are at the mercy of the weather but in a place like Orange County California that is a small risk. If you are comfortable being photographed in public this is a great option.

Your office’s exterior may be a great spot or a local park?

I offer all the above options including digital background drop-ins.

Orange County Headshot Locations:

On-Site: Use Your Office Environment As A Natural Background.

Irvine Photo Studio Is Available: 18003 Sky Park Circle, Irvine, CA 92614.

A Conference Room Is Also Available For Photography:  120 Vantis, Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656.