Popular Professional Headshot Styles

What Are Your Photographic Options For Headshots?

Blurred Background Headshot

Perhaps your current headshot is outdated or you want to change the style to be less formal/corporate? What are some options?

White Background Headshot

White Background Headshot

White background photos can still look current. Cropping and Lighting can give them a sharpness and contrast . Also white background headshots have an advantage of usability & ubiquity across most marketing mediums and the web.

I also like shooting portraits on a white background as it allows for digital dropouts as long as the quality and contrast is good.

Dark Background Headshots:

Dark Background Headshot

The reason I love dark or black backgrounds for headshots is it has an expensive/stylish look. It lends sophistication on a budget.

The only issue I find is you can end up with a “floating head” look. Also, it is difficult to digitally drop out later if you change your mind.

Blurred Background Headshots

Blurred Background Headshot

Probably my favorite option. This can be done in-camera on location or digital backgrounds can be “dropped-in” later. The advantage of a blurred background is it can give a sense of Brand Identity.

Blurred Background on Location