How to Get the Best Photos for Your Real Estate Agent Website

Real Estate Agent Headshots and Brand Photos for Your Website.

Real Estate Agent Corona Del Mar

Top Real Estate Agents will often shoot Brand photos several times a year. The best place to shoot is in a satisfied client’s house. If it staged or recently sold it is a great opportunity to take photos.

Houses provide excellent locations to take different styles of photos in different outfits.

Real Estate Photos on Location
Interiors Are Great for Real Estate Agent Shots
Exteriors Also

Bring multiple outfits and also use the opportunity to take Team Photos

Team Photos

When the opportunity arrises another shoot can be done with new photos

Real Estate Agent Photos Outdoors
Real Estate Agent

Orange County is full of beautiful high end houses that provide perfect backdrops to enhance your online presence. Don’t be afraid to ask sellers if you can shoot in their home.

Real Estate Agent Portrait FAQs:

How do you pose for a real estate portrait?

Use the environment. Pose against items around the property (doors, walls etc.). Let the photographer guide you in poses.

Why do real estate agents use headshots?

Real Estate Agents rely heavily on image and promotional marketing. A library of images is key in advertising

If you are interested in Real Estate Agent Portraits or Headshots in Orange County please contact me to talk about ideas.