How Much Does Corporate Photography Cost?

Understanding the Creative Fee | Day Rate vs Per/Person Fees.

What is a Day Rate in Professional Photography?

A Day Rate AKA: “Creative Fee” in photography refers to a fee that a photographer charges for their services for a full day, typically around 8 hours. A half day would be 4 or less.

The creative fee covers the photographer’s time, skill, and expertise for the entire day, regardless of how many photos are taken or how many people are photographed.

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Why would a photographer charge a day rate instead of hourly?

First, some photography projects may require a significant amount of time to complete, such as commercial or editorial shoots that involve multiple locations or setups. Photography also requires behind the scenes work such as editing and retouching.

Charging an hourly rate in these cases may result in a high and unpredictable fee for the client, making it difficult to budget for the project.

A Day Rate or Creative Fee provides a more predictable cost for the client, and may be more cost-effective for the photographer, especially if the project requires a full day or multiple days of work.

Second, a day rate allows the photographer to focus on delivering a high-quality final product, rather than rushing to complete the work within a set number of hours. This can be especially important for creative projects, where the photographer needs time to experiment with different approaches and capture the desired images.

Third, charging a day rate can be more efficient for the photographer, as it eliminates the need to track hours and invoice for small increments of time. This allows the photographer to focus on their work and complete the project without the added administrative tasks of tracking time and invoicing.

Overall, charging a day rate can be a beneficial arrangement for both the photographer and the client, as it provides a predictable and often cost-effective fee for the client, while allowing the photographer to focus on delivering high-quality work without the constraints of hourly billing.

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Per Person Fees for Photography

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What Are Corporate Photos

Corporate photographers are experienced in working with businesses and understand the unique needs and challenges of this market. They often work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and goals, and to ensure that the images produced are of high quality and meet the desired specifications.

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How Do I Handle Day Rates?

In general if the client just needs headshots I will charge a per person fee. If the client is looking for multiple types of photography (such as corporate photos, group photos, and individual photos) I will wrap the fee into a day rate.