How Much Do Headshots Cost in Orange County?

Inflation Has Also Affected Photography Prices in 2023!

Orange County Headshots

by Jason Wallis on January 3rd 

If you are looking to update your executive headshots or get a portrait for LinkedIn this year expect to pay anywhere from $150-$450 for your photos. 

I have looked at the prices for Professional Photographers in Orange County (and LA) and will break them down for you now.

Thumbtack’s first page has 1/3 of the rates in the $150 range. Another 1/3 in the $200 range with the high end being $300-$450. These photographers are not established names I recognise however. I have never used Thumbtack and cannot comment on the quality. 

Looking at the more well-known Orange County photographers with professional portfolios and a track record the range seems to be in the $300 range. I would surmise that you can expect to pay this rate for an image that you will be satisfied with.

Los Angeles seems to be the same: $300 for an established Professional Photographer to take your head shots. 

Real Estate Agent Headshot

What Is Included in a Headshot?

Photographers have lots of esoteric wording in their price lists: “looks” “session fee” etc.

The main concern should be: What do I want to walk away with?

I would guess most people want 1-3 retouched images. In general a “look” means a wardrobe change with one lighting and background set-up. The number of “photos taken”  is irrelevant if the photographer is good in my opinion. Equipment is also not important rather lighting skill and the photographer’s ability to capture “you”

Attorney Headshot Session

Headshots Cost FAQs

How Much Do Headshots Cost in 2023?

The average Price for an Executive Headshot seems to be $300 in Orange County and Los Angeles. In this range you get a session and walk aeway with finished images.

There are headshots in the $80-100 range but the headshots often deal does not exist or is inferior in terms of quality or specifications, where the buyer is then presented with an upsell.

How do you price headshots?

Headshots are generally prices by a “session fee” which is the photographer’s time and place. Most headshot photographers have tiered packages. These may include one or two finished photos or you may have to purchase them separately. Also “looks” (basically the number of outfits & backdrop changes) may be limited.

Is it Worth it to Pay for Professional Headshot?

In general yes. The reasons are research has shown your clients will look at your photo. It is human nature to want to see who we are dealing with.

What Do I Charge For a Headshot Session?

This includes the session and the photos to download high resolution & lightly retouched.

I offer discounts for multiple people in a session..