How Expensive Is A Photoshoot?

Perhaps a better question is: what value do you get from the photoshoot?

I was about to buy a Toyota Tacoma for my son. We agreed on the price and I had a mechanic friend (Angel) come by before we made the deal. You probably know how this ends. In 15 minutes he told me it had a “leaking head gasket ” as well as leaks all through the engine (the ground beneath the truck was clean btw).

He said it would cost us $4k to fix the engine. No Deal.

My friend is paid $40/hr to be a mechanic and he saved me $4000 in 10 mins.

So what? My point is it doesn’t matter how much I paid a mechanic to come- the value was far greater.

So how does this relate to photography? Simple: If your value of the photo is low then don’t pay much.

If your value is very high (or if your liability of a bad photo is high) pay whatever you can afford.

Here’s the thing:

Catalog Photography

I photographed catalogs for Cali and York for several years. The owner analyzed online sales and told me certain, singular, photographs (comprised of poses/models/photos) sold 10,000 units at a time! 10k sales off one photo!

That creates a lot of value for a good photograph. In this case, paying several thousand a day for a photographer (when you shoot 100 outfits a day) is arguably well worth it.

But I just want a simple headshot.

Absolutely understand and I agree that you should look for an economic solution. Again it depends on the value you assign to a photo. I’m not going to tell you what that is.

Catalog Photography -You get what you pay for.

I have photography rates to suit many budgets. Feel free to contact me via my website anytime for a no-obligation estimate. We can discuss what the photo is worth to you and price appropriately.

Oh yeah And if you need a good mechanic, let me know?