Dentist Photoshoot Concepts & Ideas

Office & Staff Photos for Dentist Websites

Dentist Photoshoot

A brand photoshoot for a Dentist Office can be completed within a few hours. Ideally, it will be shot on location and the office will be used as a background. The photographer will bring lighting.

The photographer will shoot headshots and portraits: coats and in suits/scrubs.

The headshots can be done on a backdrop so they can be used on LinkedIn, etc. Also the background can be blurred out

Dentist Headshot
Dental Action Photos

Next action photos can be taken. Staff or friends can be used as patients for the photos.

Dentist Portrait Photos

The portraits can be shot in an appropriate location and show 3/4 to full body.

Dental Branding Photoshoot FAQs:

Should you smile with teeth in professional photos?

Yes. Especially if you are a dentist or in a photoshoot showcases Dental. The photographer will help you with making the smiles look great.

Content Marketing Photography for Dentists: How to Create Amazing Posts

Hire a Corporate or Commercial Photographer to take great photos of your office, you and your staff. Also consider taking portraits of your patient success stories in a lifestyle setting. Build an image library for posts and your website.

What If I don't have an Attractive Office?

Consider shooting in the studio and using digital backgrounds. Many stock companies have dental backgrounds that can be used.