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  • Doctor Headshots in Newport Beach and Irvine

    Doctor Headshots in Newport Beach and Irvine

    Professional headshots are important for doctors as they are often the first impression patients have of their healthcare provider. A high-quality headshot can help establish trust and convey professionalism, leading to a positive patient experience. Additionally, doctor headshots are often used in professional networks, online profiles, and marketing materials, making them an important aspect of…

  • Doctor Photoshoot Ideas

    Doctor Photoshoot Ideas

    Poses and Branding Ideas for Healthcare Photoshoots For Healthcare and Medical Advertising here are a few ideas. Generally, a photographer will come in and shoot a library of images for usage. Group shots/Action Shots/Interiors & Exteriors & Headshots for LinkedIn, the website, etc. Good white background images are always useful across multiple mediums. The backgrounds…

  • Dentist Photoshoot Concepts & Ideas

    Dentist Photoshoot Concepts & Ideas

    Office & Staff Photos for Dentist Websites A brand photoshoot for a Dentist Office can be completed within a few hours. Ideally, it will be shot on location and the office will be used as a background. The photographer will bring lighting. The photographer will shoot headshots and portraits: coats and in suits/scrubs. The headshots…