Can you use Green Screen for Photography?

Yes! Actually I use a Neutral Screen and here’s why..

Catalog Photography Green Screen Examples
Before Image on White Background
Catalog Photography Green Screen Examples
After Catalog Shot

by Jason Wallis on January 4

Recently I had a catalog client who wanted to shoot on location. However, on the day of the shoot the rain and wind came in hard; so we switched to a studio photo shoot with the option to use Green Screen. We then chose backgrounds off a stock website.

I decided to use a white background instead of Green Screen. In the past, the reflecting green background tended to throw an unappealing green glow on the skin tones. 

Also, Photoshop does an excellent job of removing the models from the white background now. All the retouching & cutouts were done by me with Photoshop’s AI technology.

Here are some examples:

Before White Background Example
Catalog Photography Green Screen Examples

I have a studio in Irvine that can accommodate large or small photo shoots.

Catalog Photography Green Screen Examples
Catalog Photography Green Screen Examples

Digital Background FAQs

What do photographers use for backgrounds?

Photographers often use neutral backdrops: white or grey. This allows for the photographer to then “cut-out” the subject with photoshop and change the background digitally.

What is digital background for photography?

A digital background is an image that the photographer can drop you into with Photoshop. The photos do not need to be shot on greenscreen rather a white or neutral background will work with Photoshop technology.

What is the best background color for taking pictures?

In general white or grey. It provides many options for post-production (digital background changes). It has the advantage over greenscreen that it is “ready to go” for LinkedIn, etc.

How do I choose a background style?

Talk to the photographer if you plan to use digital backgrounds. They will be prepared