Business Photoshoot Ideas

How to pose for a business photo shoot with Props & People

Candid Business PhotoShoot

Most people who work in your business are probably not models/actors or are not comfortable in front of the camera. Here are some Business Photoshoot Ideas to help things run smoothly.

Candid Action Shots

Action Shots
Candid Business Shots

Have the staff engage others and act the part of their job. They do not need to look at the camera (less nerve-wracking) and can talk and react to other staff members. These type of action shots tend to look real and are great for websites and social media. The staff can rotate being in front of the camera.

Use Props for Context

Action Shots with Props

Props (such as coffee cups/pens/devices) make it easier to pose and help the subject feel less-awkward. It also gives context to someone viewing the photos.

Business Shots with Props

Group Meeting Photos

Business Meeting Photoshoot

A business meeting can put subjects at ease and looks professional for photography.

Business Meeting

Portraits with Business Background

Business Portrait

Use the office as a background. It doesn’t have to be blurry.

Use Branding for your Portrait