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  • How Much Do Headshots Cost in Orange County?

    How Much Do Headshots Cost in Orange County?

    Inflation Has Also Affected Photography Prices in 2023! by Jason Wallis on January 3rd  If you are looking to update your executive headshots or get a portrait for LinkedIn this year expect to pay anywhere from $150-$450 for your photos.  I have looked at the prices for Professional Photographers in Orange County (and LA) and […]

  • Why Black and White for professional headshots?

    Why Black and White for professional headshots?

    B&W Images are timeless & still work for Professional headshots. Digital Photography defaults to color but the option for a Black and White Business Headshot is still there. B&W has a Gravitas & sophistication that can still be appreciated in the Instagram filter age. I still love to shoot B&W portraits especially for younger people […]

  • Business Photoshoot Ideas

    Business Photoshoot Ideas

    How to pose for a business photo shoot with Props & People Most people who work in your business are probably not models/actors or are not comfortable in front of the camera. Here are some Business Photoshoot Ideas to help things run smoothly. Candid Action Shots Have the staff engage others and act the part […]

  • Doctor Photoshoot Ideas

    Doctor Photoshoot Ideas

    Poses and Branding Ideas for Healthcare Photoshoots For Healthcare and Medical Advertising here are a few ideas. Generally, a photographer will come in and shoot a library of images for usage. Group shots/Action Shots/Interiors & Exteriors & Headshots for LinkedIn, the website, etc. Good white background images are always useful across multiple mediums. The backgrounds […]

  • Popular Professional Headshot Styles

    Popular Professional Headshot Styles

    What Are Your Photographic Options For Headshots? Perhaps your current headshot is outdated or you want to change the style to be less formal/corporate? What are some options? White Background Headshot White background photos can still look current. Cropping and Lighting can give them a sharpness and contrast . Also white background headshots have an […]

  • How to Get the Best Photos for Your Real Estate Agent Website

    How to Get the Best Photos for Your Real Estate Agent Website

    Real Estate Agent Headshots and Brand Photos for Your Website. Top Real Estate Agents will often shoot Brand photos several times a year. The best place to shoot is in a satisfied client’s house. If it staged or recently sold it is a great opportunity to take photos. Houses provide excellent locations to take different […]

  • Dentist Photoshoot Concepts & Ideas

    Dentist Photoshoot Concepts & Ideas

    Office & Staff Photos for Dentist Websites A brand photoshoot for a Dentist Office can be completed within a few hours. Ideally, it will be shot on location and the office will be used as a background. The photographer will bring lighting. The photographer will shoot headshots and portraits: coats and in suits/scrubs. The headshots […]

  • Brief Thoughts On Fuji X-T4 and X-T5

    Brief Thoughts On Fuji X-T4 and X-T5

    I Currently Use Both and They Are my Workhorses. I switched from Canon to Fuji X Series Cameras at the start of 2022. The X-T4 is an excellent camera and I own 3 great lenses: XF23mmF1.4 R Lens (35mm equivalent) XF35mmF1.4 R Lens (50mm equivalent) XF56mmF1.2 R Lens (portrait) The image quality is outstanding. The […]

  • Brand Photoshoot Ideas & Inspiration: Attorney

    Brand Photoshoot Ideas & Inspiration: Attorney

    What should a brand photoshoot include? I was approached to create a Branding Photoshoot for an Orange County Attorney who was moving from Public Service to Private Practice. He needed a collection of images he could use for his website and social media. We opted to shoot in a conference room in Aliso Viejo and […]

  • What Does Branding Photography Mean?

    What Does Branding Photography Mean?

    Creating a Distinct Image For Your Company with Photography Branding Photography means a photo session that will have a common style or theme that will then become standard and hopefully, recognizable, for your Brand Image. Branding relates to your aesthetic: the way you would like clients to “see” your business. For example, Doctors may brand […]

  • How Expensive Is A Photoshoot?

    How Expensive Is A Photoshoot?

    Perhaps a better question is: what value do you get from the photoshoot? I was about to buy a Toyota Tacoma for my son. We agreed on the price and I had a mechanic friend (Angel) come by before we made the deal. You probably know how this ends. In 15 minutes he told me […]

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