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Corporate Headshot Photographer
corporate portrait of man lawyer in grey suit leaning against wall outdoors
portrait of newport beach plastic surgeon wearing black suit on black background newport beach
portrait of woman attorney wearing red dress
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Jason Wallis Photography

I work exclusively on-location (no additional charge): workplace office/home-office or a public location.
I bring everything to you.
We can use your office environment as a natural background, or I can bring a backdrop to our shoot.
A photo studio is available (18005 Sky Park Circle Ste D, Irvine, CA 92614).
A conference room (Aliso Viejo) is also available for photography  (120 Vantis, Aliso Viejo, Ca.)
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I have 2 decades of experience in Corporate Photography
Clients include The Irvine Company, BNY Mellon Bank, USC, UBS and Orange Coast Magazine (just to name a few).
I travel all over California to reshoot & rebrand headshots for large corporations in a creative and current style.

Call (949)307-3833