Photography Consulting:

Photography Systems for Company-Wide Headshots

For medium-large companies that wish to set up an In-House Corporate Headshot System to photograph their executives and staff with consistent professional-looking results for their websites.
Why Have In-House Photography?
Companies may desire to have a staff member take photos of the new hires. Iphone & Ambient Lighting results are not professional yet
In order to achieve this a consultant can set-up a system for you
This is also excellent for Doctors that wish to have a studio to photograph “before and afters” of patients
I will advise on the most economic purchase of lighting equipment with minimal learning-curves.
Also on camera type and settings as well as accessories
I will teach you a simple system to photograph headshots for maximum quality and professional results.
A staff member can do this by following the systemized steps I will teach.
I will also set you up with a digital imaging vendor for post-production
I will be there for your first few trial runs and then on-call in future for fine-tuning
Available Nationwide & also via Zoom
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Why Use A System?

I have "systemized" the headshot process
Photography has barriers to entry: technology/techniques and retouching.
These I can teach. Photography can be broken down into a repeatable process that gives consistent standardized results.
We can break it down into the following:

One: Space and Equipment.

A certain space requirement and lighting equipment is necessary.
Space is required to avoid distortion of peoples faces and their comfort zone.
Lighting equipment is required to override any ambient light and time of day factors.
Lighting also spreads out complexion and shadows and makes a photo flattering.
There is no one lighting set-up.
The lighting equipment will be customized for your budget, space and the desired end result.
Camera: there are certain “best cameras and lenses for portraits.
The type I recommend will depend on the clients budget and needs.

Two: Camera and Lighting settings.

Camera settings:
the camera settings are a certain combination of shutter speed aperture and ISO
This will be set and “locked” for your situation.
Lighting settings:
ideal lighting depends on your environment and desired end result.
For example, headshots may require a shadow on one side of a face.
Alternatively, a Doctor's office will require lighting so patients don’t have “flaws” washed-out or diffused in “before” photos.
Lighting is, in fact, a form of retouching.

Three: Photographic Process:

A great photo depends on technical factors (see above) along with posing, expression and attitude.
These can all be taught to the prospective photographer in a system of steps.
Most importantly, the system is repeatable.

Four: Post Production:

After the photo is selected a background will be chosen and retouching of the shot organized.
I will advise you to outsource this to an offshore company.
I have several that I have worked for for years that are very reasonably priced.
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Photo Studio Setups

Ideal for companies to photograph their products.

I will come in and advise on studio setup as well as photography equipment product purchases.
I will teach a staff member to photograph the products and set them up with an outside post-production firm.

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