Socially Distanced Shoots:

Rather than hang our companies’ futures on the backwards and forwards of possible new lockdown measures, we can take proactive steps to help ourselves thrive in the interim.

First: please communicate your comfort zone.

I can bring my lighting to you and do sessions onsite.
Alternatively, I can arrange for a safe place for us to meet and do your photos.
My setup is completely mobile: Your Office/Home/Studio or Outdoors.
The quality will be the same as I use strobe lighting for my portraits.

Example of Social-Distancing Photoshoot

Example 2 of Social-Distancing Headshot

Example 3 of Social-Distancing Headshot

I use long lenses that allow for 6ft distance between myself and the subject.

At Your Office I will maintain 6ft distance and wear a mask upon entering and leaving.

Contactless Payments & Online viewing of your proofs as well as downloading of retouched photos

Outside with enhanced physical distancing is also an option. Nearly everyone is completely comfortable being outside at a distance

The studio I use is well ventilated and spacious (ranging between 500-100sq ft per studio).

When multiple subjects are at a shoot we will use the 1000sq ft studio. There is plenty of room in-studio for groups to socially-distance.

We're following all safety protocols and sanitizing our studios after each use.⁠

DIY Option: Take Your Own Headshot and Have Me Retouch It

Phone (949)307-3833

DIY Option: Take Your Own Headshot and Have Me Retouch It:

Step 1: Consult with me on the phone about the ideal way to take a DIY headshot with your iphone.
I will give you detailed instructions to take the best possible shot.

Step 2: Take the photos and use my upload link to send me the shots.

Step 3: Pay me $25 via my website here

Step 4: I will retouch the photos onto a professional background.

This is a temporary substitute for professional headshots:
I have a library of professional blurred backgrounds and photoshop skills to edit you out and drop you into a background.
I can give you professional advise on how to take the best possible shot: lighting, angles and resolution


Jason Wallis Photography is located in Costa Mesa CA and serves clients primarily in the Orange County area.
phone: (949)307-3833 or email for a personalised quote