About Jason Wallis

Bored and uninspired in late 90s New Zealand, I dropped out of a Master's Degree in Business to pursue my passion: Photography.

(I was spending all my study-time photographing catalogs & model portfolios so I decided to commit.)

Moving to California in 2000, I studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. This was when Earnest Brooks owned and ran the school and there were students attended from all over the world. Technical know-how & professionalism was a must at Brooks.

Fast Forward: Over the last 20 years as a professional I have photographed magazine covers, campaigns and Fortune 100/500 advertising. As well as photography for hotels, colleges and  numerous fashion lookbooks and clothing catalogs.

I have photographed for large clients all over California that include The Irvine Company, USC, BNY Mellon, UBS, Memorial Care Hospital System and Vizio among others.

I specialize in rebranding corporate headshot campaigns right now.

My rule is simple: I avoid cheesy photos and cliche'd styles.

Call me anytime to discuss a photoshoot (large or small; no obligation or pressure): (949) 307-3833 or email me.

Photographer Jason Wallis and Kendall

Some Fun Info About Me:

I'm married for 14 years to a California gal (I dragged her kicking and screaming to the OC). We have 2 boys.

I've always been into sports and the outdoors: I competed in Swimming (winning National Events with my school) and Rowing (not so good) in High School.

I grew up loving & competing in Martial Arts: I got tired of broken-noses and being beat-up so I quit (but still miss it).

I was obsessed with windsurfed for years in New Zealand. I loved going wavesailing with my friends and trying every aerial manoeuvre out there. I originally dreamed of living in Maui and supporting myself with any job I could get after high-school.

I also got into surfing in my mid teens and explored New Zealand's surf spots with my friends. The lifestyle sport attracted me to the beaches of Sydney and eventually California. However a surfing accident (board through my face & subsequent visit to Hoag Hospital) dampened my enthusiasm as of late.

My wife introduced me to hiking a few years ago which I now love (perfect for my late 40s). Exploring Central California led me to become an amateur enthusiast of Chumash Rock Art.

I love photography and spend my spare time looking at photo websites.

I am a software-nerd and love Photoshop and Retouching.


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