About Jason Wallis Photography

I am a commercial and corporate photographer serving Orange County, CA. I was educated at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. After that I photographed for model agencies in Los Angeles for several years before I started photographing fashion for apparel catatogs and advertising. I have photographed for many magazines in Orange County and now travel throughout California to photograph profiles for magazine and editorial.

I now specialize in Corporate & Catalog Photography:

Corporate headshots and corporate branding advertising photography such as advertorials and corporate advertising campaigns. I have worked for many of the top companies in Orange County and continue to provide photography for them on a regular basis with some clients over a decade.

I am competetent with all types of photography lighting and studio lighting. I am also a good retoucher.

We can photograph in studio in Irvine, Huntington Beach (or Downtown LA). Also I can come to your location to shoot. My photography rates are competitive and I am always happy to discuss any type of photography you may need and give you an estimate. Please look through my photography portfolio on this site and feel free to contact me.

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